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Nash Vuletic, Founder of Tennis XL

Nash has been teaching tennis for nearly 40 years in 4 different countries. Raised in a household that prioritized sports and education, Nash’s teaching began when he was just a teenager and has continued to this day, promoting respect, kindness, and excellence through tennis.

Why Tennis?

Tennis provides the perfect combination of sports and fitness, and it’s easy to learn at any age, skill level, or income bracket. More importantly, though, we believe that tennis is more than a sport. It’s a community of people linked by a common interest that helps build relationships between players in ways few other sports can!

In other words, we think tennis is a universal language that crosses all barriers, and Tennis XL does more than just teach – we provide children and youth with strategies for proactive learning and education in a fun, inclusive environment.


About Us

Our history

Founder of Tennis XL Nash Vuletic began his mission in 2002 with one question in mind: how can something as simple and inexpensive as a tennis racket simultaneously encourage great fitness, respectful and invigorating play, and a lifelong love for the outdoors?

Like any company, Tennis XL began humbly: Nash was teaching at only one school, where he led an in-school program during PE class. However, the students enjoyed his lessons so much that Nash soon started an after-school academy to allow students to take their lessons further. Now, Tennis XL teaches over 30,000 students per year in elementary and secondary schools all over BC’s lower mainland. Our programs – tailor-made

for students of all ages and instilled with messages of respect and positivity – promote the believe that if we can weave social responsibility, respect for others, and healthy lifestyle choices into the fabric of our community at a grassroots level, we’ll see an increase in involved leaders, a decline in health issues and disease, and an uptick in community engagement.

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