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Jan 11 - 20 2021

TimeStarts as soon as school finishes

3:05 pm - 4:05 pm

Delta Christian After School Program

Tennis XL After School Program is an hour long tennis program for students who want to really master their tennis skills! Its an action packed hour of tennis games that will enhance their skills for in lesson classes and for future tennis endeavours! It is also a great way to get students moving, improving their physical competencies and playing and socializing with their friends outside a classroom setting. Students who sign up to the after school program will also receive a BRAND NEW tennis racket and t-shirt to keep once the program is done.

The After school program will be EVERY DAY after school from 3:05pm to 4:05pm

Start date; Monday 01/11/2021

End date; Wednesday 01/20/2021

Package Details

Tennis XL offers three program packages

Full program ($102) – Includes all 8 sessions plus a racket and t-shirt

Late start (TBA) – The late start option is for those students who cannot attend all of the sessions but would still like to receive a racket and t-shirt. The price is dependant on how many days they miss out of the 8 sessions. For each day missed you will deduct $9 from the full program price. For example if you can only miss three out of the eight days your total cost will be $75 (3 missing days x $9 = $27 /       $102 – $27= $75).

Drop in ($10 per day) – The drop in option are for those students who don’t want a racket or t-shirt but just want to come down and have fun playing tennis. The price is then $10 for each session that you attend.