David Livingstone | Tennis In and After-School | April 2nd – 15th


Location: David Livingstone

Grades: 2-7 ONLY

Times: 3:05 PM - 4:05 PM

April: 2nd (Tue), 3rd (Wed), 4th (Thu), 5th (Fri), 8th (Mon), 9th (Tue), 10th (Wed), 11th (Thu), 12th (Fri), 15th (Mon)

Our AIM is to provide a continuation of tennis development for those currently experiencing and enjoying the Tennis XL In-school program, and offer a development opportunity for creativity and social skills through Tennis drills and tournaments. Our MISSION is to empower students through a healthy lifestyle, encourage competition, and provide a safe environment for students to develop their tennis skills while having as much fun as possible.